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The London Business School of Management (LBSM) is currently one of UK’s leading University Admission Service providers catering to more than 15,000 students from both the UK and around the world. In Partnership with SBL, we deliver accredited marketing and business qualifications and offers courses from recognized professional bodies such as Qualifi and EduQual. It helps the students to enroll with the world’s best universities and awarding organizations to offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. LBSM offers a range of academic qualifications in Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Law, Business Management, Education, Hospitality & Tourism and Human Resource Management.  

London Business School of Management warmly welcomes you to choose the friendly and stimulating environment of learning. Our aim is to provide students with high-quality education service delivered by a team of qualified professionals. We are dedicated to your learning and development, and to helping you achieve your goals. Our students come from multi-cultural backgrounds, the diverse student community will ensure studying through LBSM is a rich and rewarding experience. Read More

London Business School of Management

Mission statement

At London Business School of Management, we help individuals thrive in a dynamic, interconnected world. We blend cutting-edge theory and practice, inspiring our vibrant London home while engaging our international network. Among the leading global business schools, the LBSM approach is uniquely energizing; personal yet global, intellectual yet practical, passionate yet disciplined. Resulting leadership enables agility, distinction, and sustainability.Our goal is to promote intercultural respect between learners from diverse backgrounds. Read More

A global perspective

Our international reach is extensive and vital, supporting our commitment to diversity. Indeed, we apply a global approach to everything we do, from operating in UAE to service the Middle East, to delivering modules and study trips around the world and recruiting students and academics from diverse nationalities and backgrounds. Through our global lens, we see the powerful potential of differences and collaboration.

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The academic excellence of the UK education system is recognized around the world, a UK degree will enhance your career opportunities.

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Deliver accredited marketing and business qualifications, and offers courses from recognised professional bodies such as Qualifi and EduQual.

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We have extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. We are committed to providing the best service necessary to create a unique foundation for higher education.